Therapeutic & Clinical Massage Therapy in Ann Arbor, Michigan

About & Bio


I am Amanda.

I specialize in using massage as part of a treatment plan for:
-Chronic pain
-Athletic maintenance
(massage for athletes/active people.)
-Post-surgery or post-injury rehabilitation

My clients have included players from the NFL, MLB, and NHL. (Go Eagles!/Phillies!/Flyers!)

I aim to use massage as a means to aid your body in changing/ returning to a healthier state–

  • Help compensating muscles stay limber and injury-free by reducing adhesions and releasing trigger points.
  • Break up scar tissue and limit its formation, including but not limited to post-surgery and post-injury.
  • Facilitate proper bone alignment by relaxing overstressed muscles.
  • Encourage release of trauma stored in muscle memory.
  • Reduce blood pressure and promote relaxation.

I use a combination of modalities to reach your goals, including deep tissue techniques, myofascial release (MFR), CranioSacral therapy, neuromuscular facilitation & trigger point therapy.

I believe that the impact of intentioned, educated touch can be enormous, but that the true ability to heal is only present in the body of the client.



-BA: Swarthmore College  – psychobiology special major (biology of behavior.)
-Massage Diploma: Cortiva Institute (formerly Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy)

Continuing Education:

-Reiki (Levels 1 & 2)  – Abington Memorial Hospital
-CranioSacral Therapy (Level 1 & 2) – Upledger Institute


Artwork of tree on homepage used with permission from the talented artist Zana Bass.